Carpet & Vinyl

Diamcrete have a dedicated & specialist team of experienced fitters who can guide you through the wide range of products we offer. We are able to source any type of carpet, vinyl, cap & cove and amtico. We are also able to fit carpet and the majority of pre purchased floors for both domestic & commercial.


For the commercial market we are flexible in being able to work around your office hours causing the least amount of disruption for your business. In an office space we can lay carpet under office furniture to prevent the need to pay for additional furniture removal & storage costs.

We are confident that we can find a floor to suit your needs, from luxury amitco to heavy wearing domestic carpets. Whether you are brightening up your kitchen or re carpeting an entire office we can find and fit the product for you.

Carpet Maintenance:

To maintain your carpets appearance it is carpetrecommended that it is vacuumed at least three times per week to remove particles of dust & dirt. An upright vacuum with beater bar and brush is recommended for use with cut pile carpets.

Please note that over time regular foot traffic will flatten the pile surface in the main walkways. These areas will appear light or shaded in comparison to less frequently used areas.

Cap and cove:

Cap and cove is a unique specialist flooring solution where maintenance and hygiene are vital, for example in kitchens or medical areas.

cap and coveThe cove is situated between the wall and the floor producing a secure run to the floor providing a safe and sufficient surface to be maintained. A capping strip is then installed where the floor covering ends to create a neat & protected finish.

The benefits of a sealed cap and cove flooring, ensure that it is an easily maintained surface and is invaluable for hospitals and other similar locations where hygiene & sterilisation is paramount.


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